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Look at the Video Marketing Secret

Video Marketing Idea

There’s a huge secret that few marketing experts are talking about today regarding video marketing. What’s the secret? It’s that ALL video isn’t the same.

You see, video is now everywhere and it’s basically becoming difficult to both be found and more importantly be differentiated and watched! Think about it for just a second. When you watch a video and you know what you are looking for how long to do you actually watch? I would guess you decide – just like with an article – in the first 1-10 seconds. If the video doesn’t interest you then you move on.

Video Marketing and Capturing a Broader Audience

You need to capture a broader audience thus when a viable prospect sees your video you can reel them in. So, merely making a video does not guarantee ANYTHING. This is what it is totally lost. Video marketing goes beyond merely creating a video. There’s just too much noise!

You must distinguish yourself from the pack and create something that’s unique. Deep pocket professional video marketers do this all the time. They are constantly testing and pushing the boundaries. However, for an individual marketer or a small to mid sized company is that even viable? You cannot put all your time into this so what do you do? Just the same, remember that renowned marketing guru Seth Godin has stated again and again that to be successful you must separate yourself from the crowd and stand out.

The Video Marketing Solution

We’ve looked at all the different types of video presentations that you can make and have determined there is only one type of video that really has all the elements desired in a single solution. It’s an animated whiteboard or explainer video.

Here’s a few of the primary reasons that these are so incredibly effective is because they meet these criteria:

  • They are extremely compelling and maintain the attention;
  • They can relate all kinds of information across passing time (past, present and future) and distance (illustrate anywhere – actual or imaginary);
  • They can relate physical and non physical information (theoretical and conceptual);
  • Utilization of a range of visual information including text and animation
  • Range of styles to ensure alignment with messaging

In my next blog article I’ll discuss the other video marketing solutions and why an animated whiteboard or explainer video is better than all other options (powerpoint slides, text on screen, taking head, straight animation, etc.)

Hand DrawnIn the meanwhile I’d like to highly recommend you check out samples from a great company (Audio Animators): These provide an excellent idea of how compelling whiteboard animation can be. Check out their RSA type samples. Again, as far as we are concerned this is the ONLY way to go when you want to do video marketing.


iLiving App Getting Huge Response


iLiving App Getting Huge Response

The iLiving App phenomena is very interesting. There’s obviously a huge desire for innovation when it comes to products in the Internet marketing arena. Here’s my take on what’s happening.

iLiving App Merging Various Disciplines

iLiving App Although there have been various network marketing, MLM, and affiliate programs designed around personal development iLiving App is the first product that specifically is focused on delivering video content. Not only that iLA is concentrating on delivering that video content to smart phones and other mobile devices. This is where the innovation is. It is the merging of multiple disciplines that makes this unique. And, this may be the beginning of a completely new wave of products built around

iLivingApp Already a Home Run … Before Going Live?

iLiving App SuccessIt’s absolutely amazing how many people already signed up for iLiving App. Even before it went live there were over 15,000 subscribers. Think about if that was your business. They are going to charge just $10 a month yet not a bad start of $150,000 a month in recurring revenue before opening the doors.

The question is – Is this a green light to other video subscription services to mobile devices? Before this is answered I think that iLiving App will have to prove themselves. On this matter, I do NOT have a lot of doubts. The reason I think they will be successful is because of their ethical leadership. Well, I don’t know them personally so maybe I shouldn’t say ethical but it is probably more realistic to say – “coming from the right place”. In a nutshell they want quality and are interested in providing service and success. Every presentation that I’ve been on the focus has been on keeping expectations real and concentrating on delivering a quality product. I love hearing that over hype and bu**s*it.

iLiving App –  Service Driven

iLiving App leadership wants to provide value and as such I suspect we’ll see continuous expansion of high quality content. There’s a range of individuals in various disciplines that are all searching for a way to promote themselves and their concepts. They’ve been looking for a medium to make themselves into celebrities. Think of Deepach Choprah, Dr. Wayne Dwyer, Robert Kyosaki, and many other personal help gurus and how they made a name for themselves. All personal and self help gurus have one thing in common – a lot of promotion. Hell, if I was in personal development I’d give a lot to get the exposure that iLiving App will provide me with, in terms of delivering my ideas to subscribers.

iLiving App self help professionals with a venue, an audience, and a market. These “gurus” provide iLiving App with content. iLiving App subscribers obtain the fruits of their effort and with valuable content that can be integrated into ones daily life.

iLiving App Personal DevelopmentAs long as iLA continues to advance (and advance they must) and provide value to their customers they should see tremendous success. However, threats always exist. If iLA slips there will be others nipping at their heals. Actually, their success to date will be all the more reason for others to seek to get into the mobile content delivery sector using video. iLA must act fast and it seems as if they are doing just that. From what I hear iLiving App is sowing up contracts and locking in individuals for continuous and exclusive content. SMART!

Want to see my youtube video  regarding this particular aspect of iLiving App? You can check it out here:

To know more about iLiving App please go to:

iLivingApp Review - iLivingApp Scam?


iLiving App Review – ILA Scam?

The iLiving App is one of the most interesting items to hit Internet marketing in awhile. Let me explain what IT is. This should be helpful because often programs can get hidden behind their marketing.

iLiving App – What is It?

iLiving App (ILA) ReviewActually it’s pretty straight to understand. It’s a subscription service that provides videos delivered to your cell phone. The videos are from leaders in various areas but primary will be content about Personal Development and Motivation. The iLiving App is very attractive because due to their compensation model – being an MLM – it doesn’t take much to get it free. This will especially true as you’ll see below where I explain the iLiving App compensation plan.

It’s also important to note that the delivery is well thought through as you can watch content not only on an iphone or Android but also on any other smartphone, tablet, mobile device and even to desktops.

The power is that one can quickly move from being a customer to being paid. That is if you get in early! The launch is coming soon – early 2013 and major heavy hitters in Internet marketing are jumping in because of the unique nature of the product and their comp plan.

Iliving App is a phone application that’s going to pay you, it’s the first of it’s kind…

To date, only the developers of mobile applications get paid and maybe the site that’s posting these apps (like iTunes). However, ILA is a game changer in the whole mobile applications arena and we expect we’ll see a lot more similar products coming out – especially if iLiving App takes off I expect it will.

ILA Content

ILA is extremely ambitious on expanding their content. At first there will be inspirational videos for  personal life development and success as well as business success guides. Again, these videos will be from industry leaders so in many ways it’s motivational and training that will be the core focus.  Personal development has become essential to modern success and all leaders know the value of quality shared wise knowledge and motivation and how key it is to goal fulfillment.

Here’s an outline of current content categories:

  • personal development   
  • time management
  • motivational material
  • Goal setting
  • Business Management
  • Success path
  • leadership
  • skills development
  • And much more..

Iliving App ILA takes Home Business Out of the Home!

Iliving ILA App review

Click on the image to see product site

Although many will only want the service they will quickly come to see the benefits of the ILA compensation plan. The reason is that if someone is working the business to make some money they can ONLY put 3 people directly under themselves. So, when they sign up 4+ they HAVE TO put them under the individuals they previously signed up. There’s no choice. What that means is that there’s going to be layering of people below each other that aren’t working on the business side of things!

Because of the design of the compensation the ILiving plan is called a forced matrix. The image above displays how after a very short period of time the PASSIVE INCOME will pay for the product and then beyond that. Click the matrix picture and look at the compensation for full video details…

ILA is bringing in at the top of the structure some heavy hitters who are packing individuals below them. This is happening rapidly as I write this blog post. Because of this individuals entering the program are expected to be quiet successful. ILA claims, and rightfully so, retention rates are going to be extremely high due to the cost deferral and compensation model – even when someone isn’t working the business at all!

Click here for ILA Video to get to the website and click the  compensation tab to watch full video showing how much $$$ you can make with iLiving App (ILA).

How much does it cost to get Iliving App?

iLiving App reviewILA has a very smart pricing model which has three tiers from free to $9.95 a month. Unlike other MLM or home business opportunities there’s no start up costs at all and the earning potential is unlimited due to the comp plan. This is really a no brainer even to try for a couple of months. iLiving makes sign up really simple and easy – again unlike many other systems. To check out the sign up click here to get started with ILA. 

It’s good to know that there is a free option, as mentioned before. However, ILA wisely limits the ability to get the full benefit of the forced matrix plan. The mid level plan is only $6.99 but again it doesn’t allow for full financial overrides.

To truly benefit financially you need to join as an active associate for $9.95, so that you can get all the benefits…

WATCH Inspired Living App (ILA) Review Video

ILiving App (ILA) Review Conclusion

This is pretty much a simple decision. You sign up and check it out. It doesn’t make sense not to now since the opportunity is currently in extremely early stages. ILA has some very good backing and is serious about their content. That being the case ILA’s first to market approach will put them in a huge advantage. I expect to see them as a mainstay in home business opportunities for years to come as they enhance their offerings.

My recommendation is to click below and get signed up with ILA pronto since time and placement are critical as growth takes place.

Iliving Ila application review

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If you want to really take off with iLiving App (or any other program you are selling) and get tons of signups/leads then I can teach you how to leverage Empower Network (CLICK HERE) to supercharge ILA!

High Standards & High Expectations


High Standards & High Expectations

High StandardsThe other day I was talking with my wife about expectations and the result it has on our lives. We both expressed our diverse and complex view points. However, where we settled was, as she put it:

We should have high expectations and high standards for ourselves and for others, yet be accepting and grateful for whatever life delivers to teach us.

She’s profound, beautiful and loving …smart cookie (love you honey).

Anyway, what made me even get into this discussion was about how different cultures have different levels of expectations. Specifically, I was thinking about France, after watching a French film. Now, I have to say I think French film makers are fantastic. The French do such a good job at capturing the human condition in a excellent fashion – in other words it isn’t all about action, murder and mayhem. For those of you who want to know, the name of the film is I Do: How to Get Married and Stay Single (Prête-moi ta main). The subject matter really isn’t as relevant as what I saw about the different expectations we have of each other and the result that has in each others lives.

The Fear Factor of High Standards & High Expectations

All of us have fear. We fear being let down and disappointed. This often leads us to hold a less than superior expectation of another. However, is that servicing either them or you? Yes, it’s playing it safe. No let down if I just keep the expectations low, for myself, for others, for the world. Wow, what a lame way to live a life. But, as that one time celebrity

The unexamined life is not worth living. – Socretes

High Standards & High Expectations in the marketplace of good and services

There are quite a few places in the world where people do not expect very much. It seems they get what they expect. The tolerance in certain places for the highest quality is just what one must provide. It’s interesting what gets worked into a culture. For example, in Europe, due to the Marshall Plan following World War II a policy was put in place that roads are warrantied by the company that wins the work. That means there’s an expectation of responsibility to fix the roads. This creates an incredible incentive to build the most maintenance free roads possible. You do not have this same high standards and high expectations here in the US for our pot hole ridden infrastructure.

However, there are other things that culturally we expect to be reliable and of high quality. This is one benefit of free market economies where money as a reward for meeting social needs. As long as there’s the self correcting ability we are in good shape. Lose that and we end up impacting the ability for our systems and businesses to adjust to current demands.

Different Levels of Standards & Expectations

Again, it’s fascinating how different cultures have different expectations. Think about rights, freedoms, and equality and how these vary from culture to culture. In some societies there is no expectations of equality (think caste system in India) and in others there’s no expectations of human rights (think of totalitarian states, former Soviet states, China, and some Muslim countries). The expectations vary tremendously. This has a definite impact on all aspects of our lives no matter where we reside.

Expectations – Do we get what we expect?

Often times you can prove just about anything. You can go back and forth endlessly looking at studies that support one side and then the other. Sometimes you just have to settle with your intuition and heart – versus your emotions and head/mind. And, experience doesn’t hurt much either as that’s one of the greatest points of life, after all – our experiences. Therefore I think of my own experience and find that I have tremendously high expectations for myself. That can be painful, as I’m sure many can relate. When I do not perform up to my high standards I can get disappointed. On the bright side it is what causes me to strive and drive to further success.

What’s Expected of Us? Living Up To High Standards & High Expectations

High Expectations

Actually we owe it to each other to uphold a high vision for one another. It is our belief in another’s capabilities that allows us to expect great things from them. It’s also that belief in another that allows them to perform to a higher level. After all, who doesn’t want others to think of them as capable and able? Isn’t that preferable to thinking of another as, “less than”. That’s really a power controlling way of thinking and not one of service, love, or empowerment. We deserve to treat each other in the highest way we can possible perform. If that’s your aim hold up high standards and high expectations for yourself – because you are worth it – and for others – because they are worth it as well.


Network Marketing Leads


Network Marketing Leads

Obviously you are here because you want to get Network Marketing Leads. I’m not going to delay the matter since you also know what you are doing and know what you are seeking.

Right to the Point: Network Marketing Leads

Cheap Network Marketing LeadsHere’s the way I obtain as many leads as I’d like…at minimum to no cost. Now, anyone who tells you “free leads” and then goes on to talking about a product isn’t giving you 100% truth. However, it isn’t a big deal if how you are generating those network marketing leads is also profiting you either in the short term or longer term. Right?

FREE Network Marketing Leads: Is there such a thing?

Free Network Marketing LeadsYES there is. What if I said I can direct you to a place to get 100 FREE network marketing leads. Yes, absolutely free. What I really like about this is not only the obviously free targeted biz op leads but also the ability to cross market. All for FREE. You have to see this because actually they market your program for you – again for FREE.

You do not have to join anything to get your 100 free leads each day. They are sent to you. Put them into their system and then get messages sent to them. Once you input the bunch you then receive the next group of 100. You can do a broadcast to your list one time a week. Think about this, 500 FREE leads a week plus other people sending messages with your program on it for nothing. CLICK HERE to get to the 100 FREE DAILY LEADS

Dammit, there’s a catch? It’s what you think.

It’s a pain in the butt to enter the leads. However, there’s two options beside manually inputting. The first is to upgrade and have the leads brought in at no cost. It’s pretty cheap and eliminates the hassle. Option Two: I can provide you with a tool that will extract the leads from Excel and put them automatically into the system. The tool cost ZERO for 30 days then you need to buy the tool. In the meanwhile, you were able to get about 2000 leads for absolutely nothing but the small fee I’ll charge you for script that does the data input for you. So, that would be 2000 biz opp – double opt in leads for around $20 TOTAL. No hidden cost – no screwing around.

Next…Do what I’m doing here and generate Cheap Network Marketing Leads.

The best source of leads is your own lead capture system. Even better if you can sell something utilizing your lead capture system – right? I know you are saying, OK captain obvious I still need cheap network marketing leads. Pay $25 a month and join the Empower Network. Why? Traffic, leads, and oh yeah – sales. The sales part is a great side effect. The Empower Network has a bunch of reasons why the blogging system is so powerful. But, if you are seeking leads cheap network marketing leads then you probably are already marketing. If you aren’t blogging then you need the Empower Network blogging system as of yesterday! Blog on whatever you want and get traffic. That simple…but you may want to learn a bit about optimization to improve results. But, heck I’ll give that to you once you sign up here – just ask me I’d be happy to help. Network marketing leads using Empower Network I forgot to mention, Empower Network offers 100% commissions so that when some one signs up for the blog based upon your referral you get paid 100% commissions. The Empower Network has more than just the blog product but that’s what you need to get your network marketing leads cheap and fast.  The reason it’s fast has to do with the authority of the site. It would cost big time to get something like this fast! Network marketing leads

Want More Lead Options?

get-foundThere are several other ways to “generate leads” however if you go HERE you will see another way to obtain leads. Right now you can get about 200,000 Fresh Opportunity Seeker leads for $20 a month! Yup you heard right. You should act fast because I’m not sure how long that will last. If it’s gone there will be other great network marketing lead deals on that same site.

Here’s a secret about that 200,000 leads.

There’s a company called My Little Ticket To Wealth and they charge a $200 fee PLUS $20 a month for the same number of leads. Basically, this assistance is saving you $200! Yeah, it’s a deal. One last thing Make sure you have a system to manage whatever leads you obtain. If you are self generating the leads through Empower Network then you can use aWeber or something like it. However, if you are purchasing leads you need a solution that lets you deal with en mass important and then messaging those leads. That is NOT easy to find! Here’s a tip on that front….I found a tool that will do this for you with NO recurring monthly charge.

Starting sometime in early 2013 they will be going to a recurring payment model. If you get in now you just pay one time. I like that better. I’m sick of all the recurring costs that go on and on. Unraveling and keeping track of those is a mess. Anyway, to JUMP all over this contact me PLEASE. CLICK HERE and ask me about them.

vcm_s_kf_repr_373x332Also, if you need more info on Empower Network you can CLICK HERE to watch a FREE DVD that I put together for you. Check it out there’s no cost and you won’t be disappointed because you can start right away generating your own leads. If you are already convinced that this is the place to start – CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED!

I’m sure this was of some assistance on how to get your network marketing leads either cheap or free.


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